GM WalkMiners! ✌🏻⛏
We have noticed that tons of M2E and W2E services are exploding right now. Seems like Web 3.0 services are having a moment these days. Now, we are introducing the whole new M2E APP, WalkMining. WalkMining is a Move to Earn (hereinafter, M2E) service that aims to build a bridge ecosystem between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. We use an advertisement model to profit both project and users simultaneously. If you are curious about the business model, check out here!Circulation / Business Model
All you have to do in WalkMining is, just walk! Then a 'Mining ticket' will be given to you according to your steps. You can mine, withdraw, and swap $WKM in APP built-in functions. It let users maintain the token economic value by themselves by making them spend their own revenue in mini-games, such as Lucky Slot and Lucky Draw. As WalkMining aims to bridge Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, there will be not only spot commodities but also token SWAP, a trading service on the blockchain. Also, WalkMining conceived the real estate concept of the ‘World’ system, a co-existing ecosystem of a pay-to-player and a free-to-player. The pay-to-players can place NFTs in their ‘World’ to increase mining efficiency and get shared profit in the process by lending their ‘World’ to free-to-player.
Now, you may wonder what exactly is 'Energy,' '$WKM tokens,' 'Mining ticket,' blah blah blah. Also, you may wonder 'WHY' Walkmining is different from other M2E services. Let's figure these out by sneaking all the way through these Gitbook pages 😉. So, are you ready to be a Walkminers? It starts with joining the official SNS 👉🏻 Official SNS
We aim to be the leading Web3 M2E service here, and proud to show our service to the world finally❗️
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