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  • As you can see, the staking service is in beta season right now.

  • Read the above information click on the checkbox, and then confirm it.

  • Total Staked: Total staked $WKM of WalkMiners

  • Claiming Cycle: daily, weekly, monthly basis

  • Claimed Reward: Earned reward amount

  • Status: Staking process goes like [Ready] — [Deposit] — [Staking] — [Ended]

If you click on the ‘View Schedule’ you may see as follows:

  • Ready: Getting ready for the staking, and learning rules.

  • Deposit: Deposit is only allowed in the deposit period.

  • Staking: Rewards are being accumulated. WalkMiner can get rewards according to the distribution schedule.

  • Ended: WalkMiner can receive all accumulated rewards at once and withdraw.


🔸 Deposit period: 2023–12–01 00:00:00(UTC) ~ 2023–12–07 23:59:59(UTC)

🔸 Staking period: 2023–12–08 00:00:00(UTC) ~ 2023–12–25 23:59:59(UTC)

🔸 Ended (Withdraw): From 2023–12–26 00:00:00 to 2024–12–26

🔸 Staking pool size: 100,000 $WKM

🔸 Min/Max staking available per person: 5,000 $WKM

🔸 Total staking rewards per person: 20$WKG (Estimated)

  • A total of 400 $WKG will be provided as a reward. If staking users are less than 20 people, stakers can get more rewards.

  • If the total staked amount of $WKM is 100,000, the rewards will be 19–20 $WKG per person.


🔸 This season staking (Beta) users are called Early Staking Users.

🔸 Early Staking Users will get access to the special offer price of Reward Shop products (Around 90% sale).


🔸 After the staking season is over, do not unstake deposited tokens. If you unstake the token, you cannot get access to the special offer price on Reward Shop Product for Early Staking Users.

🔸 If you are willing to buy the product only for the Early Staking Users, buy it before unstaking the deposited tokens.

🔸 Deposit tokens cannot be withdrawn during the staking period.

So this is all for today!

The Early Staking Access season starts on December 8th so if you want to try out for the staking, deposit your token before staking starts! The deposit period is 2023–12–01 00:00:00(UTC) ~ 2023–12–07 23:59:59(UTC)!

Any questions can be asked on the SNS channels!

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