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While the Web3 service has grown immensely in the past few months, we are still early in the evolution of the M2E service. However, since various M2E services have undergone some challenges such as the Ponzi scam in that only early investors make money, WalkMining built up the firm business model indispensable which will be the service's core pillar. Moreover, WalkMining made an effort to fortify our service's competitiveness and to be well-positioned in the wave of M2E services.

Integration with Health on iPhone and Google Fitness/ on Android

  • WalkMining asks users for permission to share health and fitness data with Health APP when users register on WalkMining APP. WalkMining reads out your footsteps data automatically and appears data on WalkMining APP. Therefore, there is no need for users to open or run WalkMining APP in the background when walking and mining. Users do not have to be worried about steps not being counted on WalkMining because steps will be simultaneously counted from Health APP. If you didn’t give an app permission to share data with Health when you set up the app, you can give permission later. You can also remove permission from an app.

NFT is for outperforming, not a necessity for walking.

  • Unlike other M2E services, WalkMining is simple enough for everyone. NFT is not a necessary item for the mining so what users have to do is, download the APP, walk, and mine the tokens. Every Alpha, Beta, and official version of WalkMining are all the same and the NFT is not necessary for walking. Anyone can start walk n' mine although you have discovered WalkMining recently. Newbies are always welcome! Then, what is the benefit of NFTs in WalkMining? check this page πŸ‘‰πŸ» NFT

Walking is the basic, running is your choice.

  • WalkMining only counts on the number of steps users walked per day. Since there is no limit on the speed of walking, users can walk, hike, jog, or run until consuming all of the allocated Energy. WalkMining helps modern society people to keep healthy in various ways. If you are on a diet to be in a good shape, jogging will help you with that goal and consume Energy much faster than walking. If you are apt to maintain the status quo, try out consuming all your daily Energy by walking. This might be a better solution for you than running. Remember, WalkMining counts on users' steps, not the speed!

A complete business model.

  • The business model refers to the story that explains how an enterprise works. Any Web3 services need a complete long-term business model to make a profit to get off the ground. Since a number of M2E services are undergoing problems with the persisting project as time goes by, we have dedicated ourselves to building up the winning business model both for users and the project. WalkMining earns a profit from advertisement revenue, which does not harm the M2E ecosystem and users. This new way will not only connect the project and the user on a very real and raw level but also ease the project to be lucrative in long term without obstacles. If you are apt to learn about token circulation, please check this page πŸ‘‰πŸ» Walk n' Mine

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