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Guide to the service development schedule of WalkMining Team.
The roadmap schedule may change depending on service development and direction.
2023 Q1
  • Beta service progress
  • Lucky Draw/Lucky Slot
  • Service stabilization
2023 Q2
  • Attendance check reward
  • $WKM/$WKG Rewards Shop
  • Avatar NFT
2023 Q3
  • Level/Achievement System
  • Donation
  • WalkingPass
2023 Q4
  • World NFT
  • World System
2024 Q1
  • League/Country Ranking System
TGE/Token withdrawal/listing schedule will be announced later
We consider various points to create a sustainable ecosystem and develop products that fit them. Our goal is not unconditional token issuance.
We are concentrating all our capabilities to create clear rewards for exercise and corresponding token value.
Please look forward to the expansion of the WalkMining ecosystem!