How we solve

As mentioned, WalkMining overcomes both M2E and Web 2.0 limitations by bridging the most global technology, blockchain (Web 3.0), and the most interactive social service (Web 2.0).

Because it is a blockchain-based service, it is not operated in a country-limited manner (Web 2.0), so it is possible to collect worldwide users. Since the blockchain currency is based on token economics, the usage of the currency is also over a certain country boundary and can be used in users’ preferable manner.
From the perspective of Web 3.0, WalkMining is profitable, playable, and accessible. Establishing a win-win business model that brings new and existing users together and brings profits to the project is important but most of the M2E services do not have a core business model. We made it our goal to ensure this would not be the case in our M2E service, with rigid core business models. WalkMining built the long-term quality of a winning business model that explains how users and enterprises interact back and forth. The profits from the business model (advertising revenue and commissions) will contribute to token circulation through advertising revenue and commissions generated from the WalkMining ecosystem. Not only is WalkMining profitable for us, but it’s profitable to its users since advertising viewing and advertising costs are a medium for each other. WalkMining’s simple and intuitive UI/UX shows that one's activity is directly converted into revenue. Continuously clicking ‘Mining tickets’ makes users feel they are 'playing.’ Also, WalkMining designed various ways (spending one's own revenue to spend) that maintain economic value to let people stay active and play with the product. WalkMining’s accessibility has great potential for newcomers and also current users because NFTs are not a necessary item. Users can walk and mine tokens without NFTs with ease. NFTs might help users to raise their mining efficiency, but not a necessity. So newcomers feel easy to dive into WalkMining anytime.
WalkMining will continuously urge users not only to feel healthy within the Web 3.0 service but also to feel fully embedded within the profit structure. Moreover, in terms of business, WalkMining will make an effort to fortify the service's competitiveness and to be well-positioned in the wave of M2E services, by aiming to be the leading Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 bridging M2E ecosystem on blockchain technology.
Last modified 1yr ago