🏑Land NFT

1. Meaning

  • World: 'World' is a 'My Place' in the WalkMining ecosystem.

  • Land: 'Land' is a user's own place that they can decorate by themselves with the NFTs such as buildings, roadside trees, benches, etc. Like, real-urban environments. β€˜Land’ layout defines the basic items’ arrangement such as trees, roads, etc. These Lands become World if they are grouped together. It is a unit of the World. The Avatar NFT automatically moves around in the World by themselves to take care of the urban environment.

2. Real Estate Concept

The WalkMining Land system takes the 'real estate' concept. WalkMining Land can be rented to other users and share the NFT effect and get higher rewards. From this, both paying users and non-paying users can coexist and generate profits within the service.

  • Tour: Anyone can enter their β€˜Land’ and share NFT effect by hosting it in public, which is known as the β€˜Tour’ system. This β€˜Tour’ system will derive meaningful gathering through the WalkMining community, making users feel they are in a united community, not a lonely user in this WalkMining service.

  • Deposit: When the user β€˜Tour’ another user’s β€˜Land,’ the visitor needs to pay a β€˜Deposit.’ This can be given back if the visitor user completes a mission (the number of footsteps). The visitor can receive the β€˜Land’ owner’s NFT efficiency and start the mission by walking. If the visitor fully completes the missions (complete walking), the visitor can get his deposit back and also earn a β€˜Mining Ticket’ with ease since the NFT efficiency is applied.

3. Process

  • The landlord (paying users) situates the bought NFTs on his Land 1, 2, and 3.

  • Tenant A rents Land 1 for a certain period from the landlord and pays the deposit.

  • Tenant A can receive Land 1’s NFT effect.

  • Tenant A should fulfill the energy consumption condition.

  • Tenant A claims the rewards and divides them with the landlord in an agreed proportion.

  • If tenant A does not fulfill the condition the deposit will not be returned and the landlord will keep it.

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