Avatar NFT

Details can be changed while developing.

1. Meaning

  • Avatar NFT is one of the key NFT products in WalkMining, representing a user's personal NFT character. Through unique robot avatar NFTs in WalkMining, users can enhance the efficiency of WalkMining. Depending on the avatar rank, WalkMiners (users) can have upgraded abilities.

2. Avatar Composition

  • The ranks are Common, Rare, Unique, and Legend. Robot avatar NFTs consist of four parts: Head, Body, Arms, and Legs. Each part has different characteristics related to mining efficiency, maximum energy, ad exposure, and more. The Body part governs the overall rank of the robot avatar NFT. For example, if the Body is of Rare rank, all other parts (Head, Arms, Legs) must also be Rare.

3. How to get

  • After NFT launchpad sale, we are planning to enable WalkMiners to trade each part on NFT marketplaces or within the in-app environment.