Avatar NFT

Details can be changed while developing.

1. Meaning

  • WalkMining is more than just a basic M2E pedometer APP. It is a comprehensive NFT ecosystem that users can leverage to enhance their experience within the WalkMining ecosystem. Avatar NFT is a genesis NFT of WalkMining, which is a customized character that enables users to gain better abilities based on the NFT's tier, and 'Partz.'

2. Avatar Composition

  • Avatar Tier: Common, Rare, Unique, and Legend.
  • Robot Avatar NFT consists of four parts: Head, Body, Arms, and Legs. The details are as follows:
    • Head: Increase the amount of the maximum energy.
    • Body: Increase luck (randomly can mine $WKG).
    • Arms: Reduce the number of ads shown during mining.
    • Legs: Increase the amount of energy charge per hour.
    • Above each Partz has a different tier (Common, Rare, Unique, and Legend) but the overall tier of the robot Avatar is determined by the Body Partz tier.
  • Users can change (attach/detach) the Avatar's Partz, purchased on the NFT marketplace or in-APP shop to reinforce their own Avatar.
    • The common tier Legs and Arms Partz cannot be attached to a rare tier body since the Body Partz determines the tier.

3. How to get

  • After NFT launchpad sale, we are planning to enable WalkMiners to trade each part on NFT marketplaces or within the in-app environment.
  • Users can withdraw/deposit the completed Avatar NFTs through the APP and list them on the NFT marketplace.