• Main token of the WalkMining service.
  • Unlimited issuance token, used in the WalkMining ecosystem in various ways.
  • $WKM token can be mined with your steps.
  • The accumulation rate must change in real time according to the WKM token market price.
  • To see the specific equation of $WKM token mining, check this page 👉🏻 Walk n' Mine


  • WalkMining governance token. Hard to get, low supply.
  • In terms of the $WKG, the total issuance is limited and it is used in various ways in the WalkMining ecosystem.
  • Tokens are used for buying NFTs and designing their own world. Users can earn $WKG tokens by swapping $WKM in a specific ratio (The difference will be automatically burned. Check the below 'BURN MODEL').


  • Corresponding to the WalkMining ecosystem flow, advertisement fee, and ecosystem transaction fee are the tools to manage the circulation of the Buy&Burn of both tokens.
  • If the SWAP order is executed, burning comes first, and then token minting.
    • For example, if 100 $WKM SWAP to 99 $WKG, 100 $WKM burned up first, and then 99 $vWKM is newly minted.
    • If 100 $WKG SWAP to 99 $WKM, 100 $WKG burns up first, and then 99 $WKM is newly minted.