Reward Shop

If you need more specific information about Reward Shop, please check on this Medium article. 📌 https://medium.com/@WalkMining/rewards-shop-grand-opening-7fcff7142c7d

Choose site

  • Choose a country to explore available products.
  • Global selection features mostly crypto products.
  • Will expand product range and add new countries.

Choose a category

  • All Category: Browse through all available products.
  • eGift Card: Purchase an eGift card.
  • Crypto: Join in crypto raffles or buy crypto products.
  • Ended: View products that have already ended their sale.

Raffle product

  • To join the raffle for a product, make sure to review the purchase type specified in the product details.
  • Take a chance by entering the raffle with a participation fee and test your luck!
  • If you win the raffle, you will be requested to provide your wallet address.

Reward Shop History

  • Access your order and raffle status in the Reward Shop History tab.
  • Find it under “My Profile” on the main page of the app.