WalkMining X XPLA Onboarding Event

To celebrate this remarkable milestone, we invite you to participate in our special event!

By completing the missions and joining us on this adventure, not only will you earn $XPLA coins, but also WalkMining’s very own $WKM tokens. It’s an opportunity to experience the best of both worlds. Now, let’s delve into the specifics of the events and missions prepared for you.
💡 Firstly, I recommend you create the XPLA wallet first over here (tutorial) and then download the WalkMining APP (iOS / AOS). This will ease your process of submitting the Google form.


📅 5/25 06:00 UTC — 6/7 15:00 UTC.
✔️ Create XPLA Wallet (Tutorial).
✔️ Download the WalkMining APP (iOS / AOS) and sign up with the invitation code (Code: XPLAEVENT).
✔️ Verify your email account in the WalkMining APP.
✔️ Submit the Google form provided here.
✔️ Walk 3,000 steps in the event days and mine $WKM (Only counted if users use 30 mining tickets).

💰 Rewards Vesting Process

◽️ Those who finished the above missions during event days are guaranteed 500 $WKM tokens.
◽️ Randomly selected 6,000 people will get $XPLA too!
◽️ The distribution proceeds after the event days are over in claiming type.
◽️ If the email verification is not done in the WalkMining APP, the rewards cannot be vested. Email verification is essential!
◽️When an event winner claims an event reward, a certain amount of $XPLA is required as a fee.

⚠️ Notice

  • This event is available for users who sign up with the special code given in the Google form so those who already signed up before the event starts, can sign out from the APP and then sign up with the new email address and the given code.
  • In order to get rewards, you must submit your XPLA Vault Wallet address correctly.
  • The distribution proceeds after the event days are over. When an event winner claims an event reward, a certain amount of $XPLA is required as a fee.
  • The event schedule is subject to change depending on the situation.
  • Any changes will be announced through XPLA and WalkMining’s official communities.
  • Participation is available once per account.
  • Users who participate in the Celebration Event unfairly or illegally may be excluded from the list of winners.
  • If you abuse or overlap participation, you will be excluded from the winner’s list.
🎉 Thank you all again for your attention and support towards this momentous event! Your enthusiasm and event participation will make this journey all the more exciting. 💪