🎁Binance Gift Card

Hello, WalkMiners!

We are glad to say we successfully dealt with the long-term partnership with Binance! WalkMining and Binance gathered together to build a solid bridge system from WalkMining to Binance.

From now on, you can buy a Binance Gift Card which can SWAP your $WKM token into coins listed on the Binance.

As so, to start your journey on Binance, departing from WalkMining, πŸ˜™, WalkMiners should have a Binance account first to use a Binance coin Gift Card. Go check on Don’t have a Binance account yet?the page to create your Binance account πŸ–₯️

πŸ’‘WalkMining is an official Binance partner, and if you sign up for Binance through this guide and complete KYC, you will receive transaction fee discounts and additional benefits (planned) when using the Rewards Shop.

✍️pageDon’t have a Binance account yet?πŸ’³pageRedeem a Gift CardπŸ“–pageFAQ

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