Mining Ticket

What is 'Mining Ticket?'


  • 'Mining Ticket' is a concept that ables you to mine $WKM tokens by clicking the 'Mining Ticket' button in APP.

How to get it?

  • Users use 1 Mining Ticket by consuming 100 Energy.
  • 100 Steps = Get 1 Mining Ticket.
  • The number of steps is counted from the time you log in to the app. Therefore, if you walk without logging in to the app, your steps will not be replaced with a mining ticket.
  • Mining tickets earned from today's steps will expire at midnight every day. So please be sure to use all your mining tickets prior to midnight in order to mine your tokens earned for each day!

What does it do?

  • Basically, users can earn (mine) a certain amount of $WKM tokens by consuming a Mining Ticket.
  • By clicking the 'Mining Ticket' button in the APP, the ticket will be consumed simultaneously.
  • Users need to consume 100 Mining Tickets to earn $WKM tokens.
  • To see the exact equations, check this page 👉🏻 Energy Consuming Equation​