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1. Meaning

  • Avatar is a user's personal NFT character that raises the efficiency of the WalkMining system. Avatar is one of the main NFT products in WalkMining, which lets users have better abilities according to the Avatar rank. The first given Avatar will be in the form of the most basic, 'Starter' character. There are various ranks of the Avatar that have different mining efficiencies, the maximum amount of Energy, the number of Ads exposure, etc.

2. Traits

  1. 1.
    Avatar level
  • Each 'Avatar' has levels and it has different mining efficiency, the maximum amount of energy, the number of Ads exposure, etc. To level up the 'Avatar,' it requires some amount of the $WKM tokens.
  • For example, Avatar 'Walker' has levels up to 5. Level 4 'Walker' has 0.08% of mining efficiency and level 5 'Walker' has 0.09% of mining efficiency.
  • For example, the 'Alpha Tester' maximum amount of Energy is 15,000 but the maximum amount of Energy of 'Quick Miner' is 30,000.
2. How to get
  • Combine: The 'Starter; Avatars mining results in 'Walker' and 'Miner' Avatars at random possibilities (Starter + Starter = Walker or Miner).
  • Synthesizing: Synthesizing is available at the highest level of each Avatar rank, and it is only available in the same Avatar type (Unique level 5 + Unique level 5 = Legend).